The four-volume Freeperson Press edition of A Course in Miracles published in 1975 is in the public domain.

The copyright by Foundation for Parasensory Investigation (predecessor of Foundation for Inner Peace) was found to be invalid in 2003. All 4 volumes have been scanned and are freely available for download:

Text for A Course in Miracles, Volume Onefreeperson_text_vol1.pdf6147877b988a99278d6db064ba735fe02ef21659b56665a1b7204fdae2fe31054f0f719c79698252611f01c
Text for A Course in Miracles, Volume Twofreeperson_text_vol2.pdf882830887ab2761142d1e5ef6b9ecc3270a928ec64105bd0be4872f50f3d983b2107a896af7f229fbf441af
Workbook for A Course in Miraclesfreeperson_workbook.pdf83496930b0175075a73933ea7e8e3dba64d4aef51183c182ffeee0de996c5db1bd94d2a6704c2441687073c
Teacher's Manual for A Course in Miraclesfreeperson_manual.pdf49846049fa1711a1c53f666c42870600ab1f290daa4bbcaaf1d7f978e5aab70340097674c0ce4e2dd19854c



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Most PDF viewers should work, but optimizations compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 and higher have been applied to the files.

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I thought the Freeperson Press edition (also known as the "Criswell edition" after the publisher, Eleanor Criswell) had a yellow cover?
According to the U.S. District Court Southern District Of New York's Opinion, Case: Civil 4126 (RWS) ruling (#03-08697) dismissing complaint and granting judgment,

"The first edition of 100 copies of the Criswell edition was bound with a yellow cover ... Following distribution of the first edition, the defendants [sic] made a second Criswell edition with a white cover, and a third edition of the Criswell edition followed with a blue cover."

Where does the Freeperson Press version fit in within the early versions of the Course?
The general outline is as follows (see ACIM Family Tree for a thorough classification):

  1. Notebooks: Helen Schucman's handwritten notes (1965-1972)
  2. Urtext: Bill Thetford's typed version from Helen's dictation of her notes (1965-1972)
  3. Hugh Lynn Cayce (HLC) version: edited mainly by Bill; one of the few copies made was presented to Hugh Lynn Cayce at Edgar Cayce' s Association for Research and Enlightenment (1972)
  4. Nun's version: edited mainly by Ken Wapnick; typed by nuns at Maryknoll (1975)
  5. Freeperson Press (aka Criswell) version: photo-reduced copy of Nun's version (1975)
  6. Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP) first edition: 3-volume blue cloth hardback set printed by Saul Steinberg's company, Coleman Graphics (1976)

Is any version of the Course still copyrighted?
While the Foundation for Inner Peace asserts ownership of material that was published both prior and subsequent to the Freeperson Press edition (namely, the Notebooks, Urtext, HLC edition, "Preface", "Clarification of Terms", "The Song of Prayer", and "Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice"), they have evidently either authorized or ignored publishers like these:

For more information surrounding the copyright issue, see:

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